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The Path To Excellence: World Class Leadership

The Path To Excellence: World Class Leadership

The Path To Excellence: World Class Leadership by Bart Allen Berry

The Path To Excellence: World Class Leadership

by Bart Allen Berry

For the first time here, ‘Excellence’ can be understood as a validated measureable methodology with a destination that can be understood as: ‘Becoming World Class’. This is a business improvement book for everyone. Whether you are a small business, large company, head of a division, run a department or are an individual employee who simply wants better results, this book is for you.

At it’s heart, this book presents the ten statistical predictors of customer satisfaction in any customer-supplier relationship. These revealing research findings are based on more than two million satisfaction data points from many industries just like yours. If you apply these core ‘values’ in your own business operations, you will have the formula for creating excellence, strengthening your brand, and becoming much more competitive. You will find that this fresh eye-opening outlook can affect every aspect of your business for the better, no matter how large or small.

Also included is a complete audit process where you will measure how you score in these ten values and I will show you how your current score correlates so that you can calculate your current customer return and recommend rate– perhaps your most important business metric. In this book, ‘Excellence’ is defined by your customers and scoring high enough on this forty question audit will show you where you need to improve to reach ‘World Class Status’ in the eyes of your customers.

Once you have established a baseline of satisfaction metrics from your own internal audit, I will lead you through improvement processes and tools that will help you compensate for your shortcomings and reinforce your strengths. You will find the improvement process to be a very strategic approach that can guide sales and marketing, capital expenditures, technology improvements employee development and much more. If you are looking at tough business decisions read this book first and you will have a completely new logic stream that will either support or refute the choices or directions in front of you today.

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