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The Narcolepsy Diet Ebook

The Narcolepsy Diet Ebook

Diet can drastically affect the symptoms of the sleeping disorder. The Narcolepsy Diet Ebook educates you on nutrition, intermittent fasting, and diets that can help alleviate your symptoms.

From the author

My name’s Peter and I have Narcolepsy. I write at I built that website in order to inspire other PWN to live a more fulfilling life with this disease. In addition to that I hope to provide others the best online resources on how to live with Narcolepsy. To give you some background on me: I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy (no cataplexy) in June 2012.

Since then I’ve scoured the internet, spoken to countless sleep specialists, and done some self experimentation in hopes to better manage my narcolepsy.

I can honestly say that changing my diet has been HANDS DOWN the biggest factor in diminishingthe effects of my narcolepsy. I wrote this book to provide other PWN tips on diet, eating habits, and to show others what I personally eat.

The second biggest change happened to be my mindset, more specifically feeling like I’m not alone with this disease. What I have wrote below has massively lessened my EDS symptoms and has improved my sleeping at night.

If I could stress one thing it would be this: Make sure that you actually act on the information given here. Consuming information is great, but it’s the action and implementation of this diet that will actually change your symptoms. So please, pretty please, do all you can to change your eating habits to better your life. It’s helped me more than I can ever convey through words.

So without further adieu lets get into the book!

The Narcolepsy Diet Ebook

by Peter Conley (PDF) – 27 pages

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