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The Most Expensive Book in The World

The Most Expensive Book in The World

It’s definitely an irony since I found this item on an April Fool’s day. Anyway, give your eyes a break from reading just for a while and take a look at this screenshot I’ve taken from, listing down perhaps the most expensive book in the world. I’m very sure it’s an error from their side, but it’s funny nevertheless, so do take a look. The ebook titled “Dreamstate: Mad Sparks 5” apparently costs you $12,499,998.75 for the downloadable PDF version, and $12,500,005.75 for the paperback version. That’s $12.5 million! To add more fun to it, there are 2 reviews at the bottom of the page. Either they bought it when the price was still “normal”, or they just bought the most expensive book in their lives. An April Fool’s joke or an error from their side? You be the judge!

Anyway here’s the link to the page:-
The Most Expensive Ebook in The World

And just incase if Lulu fixes the page, you can view the screenshot after the jump …

The text at the top (screenshot 2) that says “Some Lulu products are eligible for discounts when you order 10, 25, or more!” just makes it sound much more interesting. 🙂