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The Metropolitan Man

The Metropolitan Man

The year is 1934, and Superman has arrived in Metropolis. Features Lex Luthor as the villain protagonist as he comes to grips with the arrival of an alien god. Occasional point-of-view chapters/sections featuring Lois Lane. Takes place outside any established comics continuity.

This story is rated M for adult language and themes, including discussion of sexual violence.


Lex Luthor had been lounging in the Skylight Club when he’d first heard of Superman.

“He’s a fellow that flies through the sky!” declared one of the patrons, whose name Lex couldn’t recall, a good sign that the man was someone unimportant.

“Impossible,” said Lex with a mild tone that nevertheless carried across the room. The conversation at the table stopped, and Lex unfolded himself from his customary chair and walked over to join the three men, holding a martini in one hand. Lex wore a suit, one of his more casual ones that had only cost what a dockworker made in a month. His head was completely free of hair, save for his thick, expressive eyebrows. He was a dashing figure, he knew, muscular and well-proportioned, the result of the delicate care he gave to his body. The man who had been speaking, the one who had said that a man flew through the sky, was wearing a charcoal grey suit that was three months out of fashion.

The Metropolitan Man

by Alexander Wales (Online / E-text) – 13 Chapters

The Metropolitan Man by Alexander Wales