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The Mascot Trilogy

The Mascot Trilogy

The mascots of the planet Purlieu were created by genetically modifying humans with animal genes. They were designed to protect and guide the colonists, but something went horribly wrong and the experiment was abandoned, leaving the colonists and mascots to survive as best they could. The trilogy begins almost thirty years after the scientists abandoned the experiment.

Told in three novels, each is gripping and thought provoking. In the words of one reader: ‘The best trilogy I have ever read – in any genre.’


The colonies of Purlieu have been separated since the beginning of the experiment, but the scientists have been gone for nearly thirty years. Donte, a mascot, believes that the only way they can progress is to unite the colonies. He must first escape from the colony of Nyumbani across unfamiliar mountains and desert to deliver a female captive to her colony.

Donte’s grandfather, the Ruler of Bergen, wants him to be the next ruler, but there are conditions that Donte isn’t willing to accept. When Donte is taken to meet the last original spaceship commander, he discovers there is a much greater plan, and he has been prophesied to lead. He isn’t sure he is qualified, but honor won’t let him refuse.


Donte returns from three years of service aboard the spaceship Moeder to discover his grandfather and mascots in another colony are plotting against the colonists. Donte must get them back on course if he is to fulfill his part of the prophecy. His efforts appear to be pushing him farther from his goal as his grandfather works against him.

Donte faces peril from unknown enemies. Torn between loyalty to his grandfather and fulfilling his destiny in the Prophesy, Donte must decide who he will serve.


Donte is the ruler of Bergen, but when a Fontalo ship returns to Purlieu and demands the surrender of all the mascots, Donte becomes the representative for the entire planet of Purlieu as well as the spaceships.

Fontalo doesn’t recognize the independence of Purlieu or the Mascots. They created the Mascots and they want them back – even Donte’s children. Donte fights Fontalo, but ultimately realizes the battle must involve the mother planet, Oriel. He knows only one way to do that.


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The Mascot Trilogy

by Linda Rigsbee
Online reading only (HTML) – Book 1 (36 Chapters), Book 2 (27 Chapters), Book 3 (30 Chapters)

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