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The Library Tree

The Library Tree

The Library Tree

by Scott Douglas

Librarians discovered a horrible thing nearly 100 years ago–writers were running out of ideas. It was a crisis that everyone overlooked–everyone, that is, except librarians, who feared their jobs would be lost if they didn’t find a way to continue to supply their libraries with books. Luckily for librarians, an invention came along that revolutionized the way books were written: the Library Tree–a tree that grows new books.

As great as these trees were, librarians, being intelligent people, knew they had to keep them a secret; if everyone knew about the tree, after all, then they would get their books from trees and not libraries. So for nearly 100 years they had kept their secret–until the day that Jake Maas, a boy librarians loved to secretly mock, discovered the secret.

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The Library Tree – 75 pages (PDF, MSWORD, TXT)

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