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The LegendFire’s Writers Guide Free Ebook

The LegendFire’s Writers Guide Free Ebook

Have you ever had the experience where you plot out a great story in your head, though when you finally sit down to write it, nothing seems to go right? Where is the magic within my words? What does my story lack? What am I doing wrong? All sorts of questions often come to mind during this session of creativity, or the lack there of.

After several years of dealing with these questions I set out to discover the answers. I spent long hours within the library studying books on how to write. I also spent many more hours writing for practice. I took books that I loved and studied how the author wrote the book; studying his or her writing style, and then tried it for my self.

Now that I look back on that, I decided that many others might be going through the same things I was going through. So here it is, the LegendFire’s Writing Guide, a free book written to help writers!

Click on the link below to download the free ebook:-