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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth
by Mustafa Mun

The Labyrinth contains Scenes from everyday Life. This is brought in front of your eyes by the means of poetry. It is a sight of a normal human being everyday, what he watches what he observes, its what we all see but fail to realize, and even if we do many of us fail to portray ourselves in the best of ways. Life gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and deliver the feelings and pass the message to others, which connects you in many ways. I believe my work of poems in The Labyrinth is a journey through a maze of life and how one is stuck in that maze. The scenes portrayed are one’s perceived and felt by me and others in many ways I hope that everyone who reads them realizes that it is written from a very open perspective and a simple vision.

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The Labyrinth – 44 pages, 104KB (PDF)

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  1. keya

    it’s a grt place to find grt books… and lybrinth is really thought provoking and good…thanks

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