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The Intrusion : How Politics Destroyed the World

The Intrusion : How Politics Destroyed the World

This story follows Bellamy, a teenage boy who discovers new secrets about the world and his family. As he starts to uncover them, he realizes the responsibility he has to save the world before politics destroy it. He must cope through a series of challenges with unidentified visitors to save the Human Race. To later finding out that the fate of our world is between his own hands.


I woke up from a terrible dream panicking. I tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I then walked slowly downstairs making sure my parents won’t notice me. I opened the TV until I slept.

I woke up the next day with an aching pain in my back finding myself in a hospital room. Everything in it was white as if the world decolorized. I tried to get up and stand not long before I fell down on my knees with pain. I screamed for minutes that felt like years but no one noticed.

A nurse came in to help me. She pulled me back into my bed. I kept asking her about how I got here but she kept being silent I filled up with anger not long until the police showed up. They started asking me questions but I couldn’t remember anything not even my own name. I felt like a broken pencil that couldn’t be sharpened.

The Intrusion : How Politics Destroyed the World

by Omar Assadiq (All formats) – 32 pages

The Intrusion : How Politics Destroyed the World by Omar Assadiq

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