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The Heartfelt Saga

The Heartfelt Saga

The HeartFelt Saga by Dustin De Felice

The Heartfelt Saga

by Dustin De Felice

Upon hearing the news that the King has backed the Redderin Towne, the Northern Vassals choose to break away from the kingdom. Fearing the worst, King Heartfelt recalls Talon Bastion to duty, which he accepts in order to reunite the kingdom and avenge the death of his older brother and father. This story follows Talon as he searches for vengeance and personal honor as his people discover the intrinsic value of nature, which they learn must be defended, for the good of all.

He will meet with resistance from an overwhelming force from the north and he will also struggle to contain the advancements of the Northern Vassals and their self-proclaimed Northern King, Richard Pope. Follow the adventures of Talon as he travels throughout the land of Valerica in Book 1 of the trilogy. Please enjoy the following excerpt from the Heartfelt Saga: ‘The sound of a charging horse is one I will not soon forget. As I lay here within earshot of the path, the hoof steps continue to go by. I am not sure I can move or at least that is what my body tells me. I think I have broken my back. I can hear my horse struggling to move, but I think she took more from the fall than I did. At this point I can safely say I have failed to complete the last task that was placed before me. I left a mere three months ago, with no idea I would end up two hundred yards away from completing my role.

I can vividly see Prince Christopher waiting for me in Blackheart’s quarters. Blackheart isn’t due back for another few hours, although neither was I. Ironic that the one time I was early in my short life I wind up paralyzed on the Pendlewood forest floor. It won’t be long before my horse gives in. Her breath has become swallow and the kicking has all but disappeared. I wonder what will go first, her spirit or her strength. Can it be I was naive enough to believe this was ever going to work? My father once said I was lacking in common sense and Prince Christopher often joked that my common sense is sitting on the mantel patiently awaiting my return. As I lay here in Pendlewood forest I see the sun is reaching its peak and once it passes, I will never see the same world I knew again.

All of my life will be gone.’signed Michal Talon Bastian The novel takes place in the ancient past in a land called Valerica, which is a large peninsula that holds the mighty Heartfelt Kingdom. The total kingdom of Heartfelt runs from the deep mountain ranges in the North to the plains of the South. The kingdom is divided by a mighty river that flows from the mountain region in the North and empties into the ocean in the Towne of Redderin.

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