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The Garbageman

The Garbageman

The Garbageman by Peter Reid

The Garbageman

by Peter Reid

The Garbageman is a witty cynical thriller from 1999.

‘The killer had awoken early that morning. Although he had already prepared thoroughly, he cleaned and checked his revolver one last time before loading it. He left the revolver in his sleeping bag and went to shave. The air was still cold on the skin, and the nearby trees were faint in the morning mist. With luck the mist would not lift until much later in the day. He would have liked his normal holster but with his battered Barbour jacket and pullover it would have been impractical and conspicuous.

The black Range Rover was the second car in the convoy. At the head of the convoy was the Land Rover driven by the head beater, and containing the beaters for the day. The Land Rover had no radio, and the beaters were being bounced about on the wooden benches in the back. They were all cold and uncomfortable, their clothes still damp and clinging from the day before. The Land Rover kangarooed through a particularly large gully in the road. The tallest of the beaters crashed his head against one of the struts for the canvas awning. He cursed loudly, the other beaters smiled through their hangovers.’

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  1. offislander

    Nothing better than spending a couple of hours engrossed in a splendid story…well done!

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