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The Freelance Web Designer’s Guide

The Freelance Web Designer’s Guide

The revolution has begun, and if you haven’t noticed, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity. Freelancing has always been a common ‘hobby’ for creative professionals like designers and writers, but in the last decade or so, creative pros have started leaving the nine-to-five life in droves.

Now, this post isn’t meant to lure you to the ‘dark side’ of freelancing, but to explain why it’s become the fastest growing professional group of our time (and will continue to be). But if you’ve even thought about taking the leap, now may be the best time in history to do so. Why has freelancing become so popular? Surprise! The answer is…


  • Why you should consider freelancing.
  • How to find freelance web design work.
  • How to price your freelance web design services.
  • How a design contract can help you manage clients.
  • Kicking off a new freelance web design project.
  • 5 questions to ask yourself before you start your next freelance project.
  • The freelancer’s guide to the web design process.
  • 4 ways freelance web designers can create ongoing revenue.
  • 21 must-have tools and apps for freelance web designers.

The Freelance Web Designer's Guide

by Webflow (Online reading only) – 8 chapters

The Freelance Web Designer's Guide by Webflow

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