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The First Untrue Trilogy

The First Untrue Trilogy

The First Untrue Trilogy

by Teel McClanahan III

A teenage boy’s daydreams and fantasies are the key that unlocks a world of magic, psychic communication, and threats he’d never imagined. Discovering he’s accidentally impregnated a classmate he’s never touched sets a chain of events in motion leading from kidnapping to attempted rescue, then literally into Hell.

Whether being attacked by the teachers he’s supposed to be able to trust, seduced by beautifully identical sisters with sinister intent, psychicly crippled by sympathetic birth pains, or forced to play a rigged game against the Devil in order to win his friends’ freedom, Trevor’s every move is dictated by the compulsion to find love.

Sexual love, brotherly love, parental love, naive love, polyamourous love, self-love, love of learning, love of freedom, and unconditional true love that breaks all boundaries and opens new doors are all part of Trevor’s journey in The First Untrue Trilogy, and he is not the only one whose love plays a part in its unfolding events.

The first half of the Untrue Tales From Beyond Fiction – Recollections of an Alternate Past series is a gradual unfolding of hidden truths, a walk from ignorance to intimacy, with secret societies, afterlife realities, and gender identities. It will set you on a collision course with the second half, in which reality unfolds twice as fast.

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