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The First Light Chronicles Omnibus

The First Light Chronicles Omnibus

The First Light Chronicles Omnibus

The First Light Chronicles Omnibus
by Randolph Lalonde

In the darkest region of explored space sits one bright beacon; Freeground Station. Serving as a supply and trading post it is home to a select number of human beings that will take an unlikely chance to make a difference in their end of the galaxy.

Jonas and his friends spent their spare time in tactical simulations and drew the attention of Freeground Fleet Command when they hacked into restricted combat scenarios for elite trainees and defeated all comers. Instead of punishing Jonas and his friends they offered them an opportunity to undertake a dangerous and exciting mission. They were to go out into the Galaxy and acquire any advantages that would improve life for Freegrounders.

This series is about their first voyage together, the challenges they face, and the relationships they forge with each other and the beings they meet along the way.

The First Light Chronicles Omnibus contains the entire First Light Chronicles Trilogy. Freeground, Limbo and Starfree Port.

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About The Author


My name is John Eye and I’m obssessed with ebooks, loves to procrastinate, a bookworm and one that loves to share with the world what free ebooks have to offer.

1 Comment

  1. Jon

    Beats the hell out of most of the rubbish now around.
    This guy, in writing this as a background story has made it full and rich and complete in itself.
    It does, however need an ending – it’s sort of hanging. leaves you wanting more.
    Great series.

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