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The End Of Texas

The End Of Texas

The End Of Texas by Juan Batista

The End Of Texas

by Juan Batista

From Juan Batista, the pen name of a professor of American Indian and Latin American history, comes the first of a series of Indigenous Mexican Latino-Indian Tribal-Centered alternate histories.

A bumbling Texas governor flirts with secession. Far right militias flock to his call and prepare for violence to bring about independence. A backlash from Indigenous Mexicans in Texas calls for the Aztlan Now movement, Mexicans wanting to secede FROM Texas and stay loyal to the US. Militias, Brown Power people, prison gangs, police, and FBI all clash. From this conflict comes new Mexican-majority states loyal to the US and the ruined remains feebly clutching to the myth of Texas independence.

The End of Texas is not just alternate history but an incisive eye opening true history of the state, a provocative and detailed look at the culture and government by a historian with an intricate understanding of it. If you think Texas is just a land of rednecks or evangelicals you will be pleasantly surprised. For Texans who are tired of the dead cowboy yokel image of the state, for non-Texans to learn better, and above all for anyone, Mexican, Latino, or anyone else who knows which side actually won at the Alamo.

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