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The End Of Texas

The End Of Texas

The End Of Texas by Juan Batista

The End Of Texas

by Juan Batista

From Juan Batista, the pen name of a professor of American Indian and Latin American history, comes the first of a series of Indigenous Mexican Latino-Indian Tribal-Centered alternate histories.

A bumbling Texas governor flirts with secession. Far right militias flock to his call and prepare for violence to bring about independence. A backlash from Indigenous Mexicans in Texas calls for the Aztlan Now movement, Mexicans wanting to secede FROM Texas and stay loyal to the US. Militias, Brown Power people, prison gangs, police, and FBI all clash. From this conflict comes new Mexican-majority states loyal to the US and the ruined remains feebly clutching to the myth of Texas independence.

The End of Texas is not just alternate history but an incisive eye opening true history of the state, a provocative and detailed look at the culture and government by a historian with an intricate understanding of it. If you think Texas is just a land of rednecks or evangelicals you will be pleasantly surprised. For Texans who are tired of the dead cowboy yokel image of the state, for non-Texans to learn better, and above all for anyone, Mexican, Latino, or anyone else who knows which side actually won at the Alamo.

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My name is John Eye and I’m obssessed with ebooks, loves to procrastinate, a bookworm and one that loves to share with the world what free ebooks have to offer.


  1. Marvin DelMonaco

    This is a piece of racist propaganda filth at its worst. An effort in “Big Lie” racial blood libel that would make Julius Streicher proud. This piece of garbage is to the current crisis what Giftpilz was to Nazi race relations with the Jews. The race-baiting, La Raza shill who authored this hate crime would be among the first to scream “racism” and demand that something written with the reverse perspective be banned (like, for example, the “Turner Diaries”) while simultaneously claiming that his piece of equally vile, racist filth is a legitimate expression of a valid point of view.

  2. Groditto

    Hilarious. Started reading this, then started skimming through it, then started laughing at the absurdity of it. Been a student of Texas history for over 30 years having researched and read books by University Professors that did extensive research from actual letter and accounts from the beginning of Texas when Moses Austin first got permission from the SPANISH Government to bring colonist to the territory.
    This writer neglects to state that Texas was Spanish Territory for over 300 years before Mexico got it through revolution and NEVER had any Government control over it. The seat of government was in Monterrey, which S.F. Austin made two trip to Mexico City to have Texas separated and become its own state of MEXICO! After the second attempt and his second time of being imprisoned in Mexico City, did the colonist who had cleared the land, clear out most of the dangerous Indians, and who were then forced to new Mexican controls and ridiculous regulation that were imposed, did the Texans finally decide to revolt.
    This writer is clearly very uninformed and his truths are the truths of repeating the same lies and fairy tales over and over until finally believe them as truths. Want to know some REAL Texas history read a well research book like “The Life of Stephen F. Austin” by Eugene C. Barker or the “Empresario of Texas”, by Gregg Cantrell. There you find FACT not true fiction and bigotry.

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