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The Eighteen Letters

The Eighteen Letters

The Eighteen Letters

by Luis Antonio Freire

This ebook… (‘The eighteen letters’)… was a consequence of several facts which were not planned. They happened (a kind of) accidentally. A few years ago, I decided to publish a collection of 18 letters which I wrote to my sons, telling stories of my life. The text began to ‘navigate’ through some websites where the English language was used.

So, I decided to translate it into english, in order to make it available to the english-spoken-person. Later on… a second-volume was born. So… at the moment, there are three ebooks:

The two original ones (written in portuguese), together with the translation of the first-volume. I hope we can talk… (some time in the future)… about some of the musings contained in these stories. In the meantime, have a great day.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
The Eighteen Letters – 127 pages, 847 KB (EPUB, Kindle, PDF)

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