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The Earthbound Series

The Earthbound Series

The EARTHBOUND Series is a set of five original, character-driven novels in a science fiction setting. They feature an ordinary hero with everyday problems: He has a boss, a job that’s a grind, a wife who doesn’t understand him (but wants him home for dinner) and a high-maintenance girlfriend on the side. He just happens to hail from another world…


Nykkyo Kyhana dreamed of a blue world. It was the same as he had dreamt for the past ten nights: The flash of a warp jump and he found himself looking down at a blue orb flecked with white and seemingly small enough to hold in the palm of his hand. He began to fall, accelerating toward the planet — a lone, naked figure falling through the void. The sapphire sphere grew to overwhelming size as he fell, expanding to fill his field of vision…

He woke with a start, breathless and his heart racing. Beside him lay his wife Senta, her face turned from him and hidden by unruly locks of red hair. A shaft of golden morning sunlight streamed through the archway leading to the balcony.

The Earthbound Series

by D M Arnold (All formats) – 5 Volumes

The Earthbound Series by D M Arnold

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