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The Dreams

The Dreams

If you live another life in your dreams, are you ever really asleep? Rina is trying to live a normal life even though she has started to have life-like dreams about a young kitsune that won’t fade from memory like ordinary dreams. As time goes on she struggles to determine which life is actually the dream.


Rina knew that she was a rather methodical studier. While most undergrads would gladly be up half the night watching Youtube videos and generally goofing off with their friends until it was too late to even bother making an effort to study, she very much enjoyed the calm state of mind she could attain while delving into the material for one of her classes. Her love of studying was what had spurred her to apply for a single dorm room this year. As much as she loved her friends, she needed this alone time for her own peace of mind, and even the most understanding of friends rarely managed to keep themselves from being a distraction for a satisfactory length of time.

Hanging out with friends was something she liked to plan for, it did not have to be a long term, standing date or anything of that sort, but she did not like to have her personal time interrupted by spur of the moment flights of fancy that she could not gracefully turn down without seeming like a total spoil sport. Having a single dorm room saved her from the worst of that.

The Dreams

by Bridgett Morigna (Online Serial) – 52 chapters and growing

The Dreams by Bridgett Morigna