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The Decipherment

The Decipherment

The Decipherment by Rayan Ali

The Decipherment

by Rayan Ali

The Decipherment is centered on Isabelle Aimery – a young and successful Parisian cryptologist.

Isabelle lost her parents at the age of 10. They were both archeologists. From an early age, she was very fond of numbers and codes. She had created a whole world of her own filled with numbers, formulae and codes – and she gets a chance to actually see that world.

One day, after dozing in a deep sleep, Isabelle wakes up finding herself in something that resembles her mind. She discovers things that look like her memories, dreams and thought … and she later finds out this it is her mind she is trapped in. In fact, it is her consciousness that merges with the subconscious state of her mind.

She discovers and the beautiful yet deep realms of her mind as she goes through each of her memories, thoughts and dreams – the components of the subconscious mind. But the it all comes spiraling down.

Before her subconscious is destroyed taking along her consciousness into the ruins with it, Isabelle must find a way to escape and get back to her life – to reality.

But how will she do that when she is stuck in her own mind?

The Decipherment explores many of the powers of the human mind, along with the aspects that rule our memories, dreams, ideas and cognition.

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