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The Customer Advocacy Playbook

The Customer Advocacy Playbook

Who, or what, is responsible for bringing new business through your door? Do you have a sales team that is tasked with creating leads and closing contracts? Maybe you have a strategy for increasing your presence on search engines and boosting sales through your website? Perhaps you send out email drip campaigns designed to re-engage leads and keep your brand at the forefront of potential customer’s minds?

These are all great techniques for generating new business, but the bonus is on you and your team to make them work. That can be problematic, especially for startups that may not have the time or resources to invest as much into business development as they might like.

So what if, instead of (or ideally, as well as) being directly responsible for your own new business, you could hand some of the hard work over to your existing customers? This is exactly what advocacy marketing does. In short, an advocacy marketing campaign identifies and leverages a company’s most enthusiastic customers with the aim of driving new business.

4 Chapters

  • Developing an Advocacy Marketing Plan
  • How to Turn Customers Into Advocates
  • Designing Your Advocacy Program
  • Scaling Your Campaign

By the end, you’ll know how to plan for, set up, manage, and grow a customer advocacy campaign.

The Customer Advocacy Playbook

by Sujan Patel (Online reading, PDF) – 44 pages, 4 chapters

The Customer Advocacy Playbook by Sujan Patel