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The Choice

The Choice

by Mark Curl

The dilemma of having to choose between two different roads of life brings with it the fear of making the wrong decision. Ideally, Mark is able to avoid “the choice” because at the fork in the road, he has the chance to face both. The two pathways that the young Mark begins to explore are relived with the experiences, both sad and successful, of his past. Experiences that, in the end, lead to the awareness that “the choice” is never final and the people we encounter along any of life’s roads are worth meeting.

A professional athlete, he left sports to become a researcher. He carried out research activities at the University and Pharmaceutical Company. He earned his PhD in the United States, studying and working at prestigious American universities. After 15 years of life as a researcher, he began again from zero, measuring himself as an entrepreneur. The Company he built over ten years ago is made up of people who share Mark’s passion for challenge and who are aware that: “Success does not depend on one, but on the team”

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The Choice by Mark Curl (PDF)


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  2. mostafa gado

    thanks…………i haven’t read it yet,but i’m sure i’ll learn more and more from such great book like this

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