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The Cat at Light’s End

The Cat at Light’s End

The Cat at Light's End by Charlie Dickinson

The Cat at Light’s End

by Charlie Dickinson

A family lives out of a beater van with an inspirational cat.

Software engineer Nelse pursues barista CaraJo, only to be hoisted on his lookist petard.

An errant husband discovers his true love in a high-tech tweaking of the familiar December-May adultery story.

These, plus eleven other stories, all first posted online at Amarillo Bay, Mississippi Review, Southern Cross Review, and other literary e-zines, are brought together in this story collection, The Cat at Light’s End.

Characters in The Cat at Light’s End range from fourteen weeks to one hundred two years, and yet the story of each offers up another slice of timeless human experience.

‘Clarity of thought, deepness of emotion, wisdom and compassion, all embedded in well-wrought, surprising, affecting sentences.’ – Paul Di Filippo, author of The Steampunk Trilogy

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