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The Bronze Man’s Secret

The Bronze Man’s Secret

When his parents left him alone in the house, he thought he was free at last. Until his arch enemy arrived. What could possibly go wrong?


It was dark. I was trying to learn for my impending exams. Algebra and trigonometry were my headache. Then I heard that sound again. My parents had traveled the week before and had left me in charge. Well, not really, since the nanny came round daily to check up on me. Yeah, I know, you are wondering what fourteen year old needs a nanny. That’s my parent’s idea of punishing me for getting into a fight at school. Not that the boy didn’t have it coming. Calling me Dick just because my surname is Dickson isn’t right. That’s my parents for you. Welcome to my world.

I am getting off track here. As I was saying, I heard that noise again. I was in the living room. I glanced backwards and saw him standing on the dining table. For a moment, we stared at each other. Outside, the wind howled as crickets chirped under the cloudless sky. The house was eerily quiet. Courtesy of my parent’s retreat at a business meeting in the mountains of Akropong. My brown eyes bore into the black eyes of his. Bile rose in my throat as the bitterness crept into me.

The Bronze Man's Secret

by N. K. Aning (EPUB) – 12 pages

The Bronze Man's Secret by N. K. Aning
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