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The BAMF Bible: Top 25+ Growth Hacks from 2017

The BAMF Bible: Top 25+ Growth Hacks from 2017

Create predictable revenue across Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, B2B cold email, event marketing, and more. Over the last year, Josh Fechter – along with others – had the pleasure to document their life experiements to help other marketers and founders. He hopes you use everything you gain from this book to help improve the lives of others as well. It starts with being authentic about your journey.

Josh Fechter led growth for a couple of the fastest growing SaaS companies, including Autopilot (top 10). He also created the fastest growing community for getting startups traction (over 15,000+ members), and authored a book about Facebook marketing, and was awarded Top Quora Writer and Growth Hacker of 2017. Featured in Inc. for creating a viral Facebook Ad, and featured in Forbes for writing one of the most viral LinkedIn statuses (8M+ views).

What readers said about this book:-

Take the hardest working person you know and multiply by three. That’s Josh Fechter for you. But more than just working hard, he knows how to get impact from his time– hence, his position as the top and best-known growth hacker on the planet. – Logan Young, VP of Strategy at BlitzMetrics

Josh is a Rocket on Steroids. Not only is he currently the best growth/marketing hacker, he’s also tremendous at giving back to the community. – Lucy Zhao, Product Marketing at Plivo

The BAMF Bible: Top 25+ Growth Hacks from 2017

by Josh Fechter (PDF) – 327 pages (Requires Facebook)

The BAMF Bible: Top 25+ Growth Hacks from 2017 by Josh Fechter

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