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The Annual Review: A Hands-On Workbook

The Annual Review: A Hands-On Workbook

A simple, but powerful reflection exercise designed to help you identify accomplishments and lessons, assess your current situation, and plan for big things in 2017 and beyond. Includes a 7 min video narrated by Jason Shen walking through the exercise step-by-step.

Research shows that the ‘fresh start effect’ is real: people are more likely to make changes on the first of the month, their birthday and at the start of the new year. So why not take some time to use that energy and set yourself up for a happy, productive, and meaningful year ahead?

Well, you’ve come to the right place: at Ship Your Side Project, they’ve put together A simple but powerful reflection exercise called The Annual Review that you can use to take stock of the past year and plan for the new one.

Why give something like this away for free? Because they believe the world is a better place when everyone is going after the things they really want in life. Don’t you?

The Annual Review: A Hands-On Workbook

by Alex Mathers (PDF) – 203 pages

The Annual Review: A Hands-On Workbook by Jason Shen

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