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The Angel Maker

The Angel Maker

The Angel Maker is a supernatural horror novella.

Welcome to sleepy little Widow’s Bay island, where nothing interesting ever happens, usually.

In the midst of a violent storm which has cut off the island from the mainland, a young woman is found wandering in a near catatonic state with someone else’s blood on her. It soon becomes apparent she may be the sole witness to a potentially supernatural attack. Despite the raging storm, a large area close by is inexplicably dry with the rain turning instantly to steam the moment it hits the ground.

After returning to the spot later, the policeman who found the young woman comes across a blood soaked man whose clothes have been burnt from his body. At first the policeman thinks he may be the victim of a lightning strike. But on closer examination the man is found to have many deep fresh scars carved into his back. The scars have a distinct pattern to them which link the attack to the seven year hunt for a serial killer.

With the island cut off from the mainland due to the worsening weather, this leaves two police officers, a doctor and a volunteer lifeboat man trapped in a storm battered lifeboat station with the only witness to the crime and thus a link to the possible identity of the killer. A killer who must still be on the island.

And that’s when life on sleepy little Widow’s Bay takes a turn for the surreal.

The Angel Maker

by David Dwan (All formats) – 60 pages

The Angel Maker by David Dwan