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The Alpha Centauri Project (Thinking worlds)

The Alpha Centauri Project (Thinking worlds)

The Alpha Centauri Project (Thinking worlds)
by Marco Santini

Our future. Three ethnic groups: humans, artificial intelligences and souls obtained by digitizing the brain after death. Deep differences, incompatible interests among populations searching for an identity. The specter of a war. The main characters move in the striking scenarios of a world altered beyond recognition by technology. From this, a powerful and disquieting comparison with our current civilization emerges, that stripping away layer after layer of conventions and prejudices, leaves us at last face to face with the morals of a world opposed to ours, that one day we might share… The main characters are two strong women, able to merge their transformation arch with the destiny of their own people. This is also an extreme story of emancipation leading them through dramatic events to a surprising future…

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