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The 35 Most Unusual Words You Never Knew From the Bookworm World

When it comes to the world of books, there are hundreds of unusual and interesting words that some of us might not know. Not even a native speaker knows all the words of his own language, let alone a hardcore bookworm. This level of technical vocabulary is used only by bibliophile specialists through epeolatry for all bibliophagists throughout the world. Do you book binge while you’re reading while diving into an occassional bibliofactophilia? Perhaps when you’re craving for food, it’s not a best idea to be act like a bibliophagia – trust me, it’s not healthy.

Are you such serious philologist that you partake in constant practice of bookstagramming and bibliotaphy? Been visiting to the library lately and had an unfortunate event of biblioleptoppary? Or just admit it, the idea of bibliosex is just something undeniably attractive. Would you be angry if you were to encounter an act of libricide or biblioclasm?

Have you started reading a book only to end up facing finifugal or even hamartia along the way. I guess I better stop mumbling before I’m being labeled as a morosoph or an ultracrepidarian. Maybe I should just stick being a tsundoku or should I just relax and be a librocubicultarist on this fine evening?

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