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Tag: Religion

December is Spiritual Literacy Month – Free Spirituality Ebooks

Reading spiritual books can be a wonderful way to spend some quiet time contemplating what spirituality means to us. It can also be an opportunity to learn about various spiritual practises and traditions from around the world as well as gain new perspectives on spirituality. So, if you’re looking for ways to commemorate Spiritual Literacy Month, consider downloading some free spirituality ebooks, reading and reflecting on what they have to offer.

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78 Free Theravada Buddhist Teachings and Resources

Feel free to explore the Free Theravada Buddhist Teachings and Resources listed below. They include items from a variety of categories, such as academic, articles, blogs, books, Dhamma talks, forums, organizations, Pali, Suttas, resources and videos. We hope you’ll find this list to be a valuable resource in your journey for enlightenment or simply to expand your knowledge in this area.

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Catholicism in the Time of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has been, for countless people around the world, a great and unexpected trial. But for Catholics, who were already struggling with the abuse crisis and a dramatic rise in disaffiliation, this trial is not only economic, social, or medical—it is spiritual.

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There’s More to Dying Than Death

Draws on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of positively preparing for death throughout one’s life. Lama Shenpen Hookham offers Westerners like herself a warm, readable and heartfelt exposition on the issues that surround death and caring for the dying.

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The Twelve Foundations of the New Jerusalem

The Book of Revelation is filled with prophetic symbolism as well as many literal components and illustrations. John’s vision of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation is a prophetic picture of the Bride of Christ. John saw the New Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven prepared as a Bride for her Husband.

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La Mistica Del Carismatico

Rose piu o meno mistiche… medagliette, collanine, santini, veggenti. ‘La mistica del carismatico’ e un racconto su un improbabile invaghimento in un contesto di dogmatiche superstizioni e ritualistica ‘popolana’ da commedia, non privo di momenti da rimuginare con calma. L’opportunismo della specie non si fa desiderare.

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