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Tag: mystery fiction

51 Free Crime Fiction Ebooks, Web Serials and Web Novels

Crime fiction is arguably one of the most popular genres of fiction today. Ranging from the classic detectives like Poirot and Sherlock Holmes to modern thrillers such as Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes, there seems to be something for everyone in the world of whodunits, detectives and legal dramas. Here’s a list of the best free crime fiction ebooks, web serials as well as web novels.

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138 Free Mystery Ebooks and WebSerials

In this compilation, you’ll find 138 free ebooks from the Mystery genre, including small groups of collections from popular authors such as Anna Katharine Green, Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Wallace, Fergus Hume, Harold MacGrath and Wilkie Collins. Enjoy the mystery and suspense while going through this list and as always, happy reading!

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Too Late

If you are into dark books and the emotional crap that bring tears to your eyes, you are in for a treat. It is dark, intriguing & emotional story.

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The Maltese Falcon

When Spade’s partner is killed on what appears to be a routine case, Spade is drawn into the search for a mysterious, valuable object known as the Maltese Falcon, and must contend with the eclectic criminals looking for it.

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An Exhibit of Madness

As chief curator of the Maine Museum of Art, Dr. Dulcinea (Dulcie) Chambers has just opened a new exhibit of Winslow Homer watercolors. It will be complete when the final work is bought at auction. But when Dulcie discovers a body rather than the painting, she’s a prime suspect. Detective Nicholas Black is on the case but finds he’s less than objective when it comes to the attractive Dr. Chambers.

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Pat Ruger: Caribbean Shuffle

Intrigue meets piracy in this tropical tale of murder and international crisis. Pat Ruger is a retired detective who joins his ex-partner, Jimmy Stewart, and his wife on a cruise in the Caribbean. Once on board, a woman he met is murdered and Pat and his partner are asked to investigate. How will Pat and Jimmy survive Caribbean pirates and a naval standoff?

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Stalkers are a frightening reality that many celebrities face being in the public eye. Most are harmless, but there are a select few who become obsessed and threaten violence as they follow and harass their target. Some have even confronted the celebrity in their own homes.

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Know Thy Enemy

An artifact from the Baghdad National Museum could justify the coalition invasion of Iraq. But the artifact is among items looted from the Museum just before the invasion. CIA Analyst, Emma Burrows enlists the help of Captain William Bradford and a small Joint Task Force 2 team to retrieve the artifact. Unknown to them, a mercenary unit led by Luc Fortesque is also after the stolen artifacts intending to sell them on the black market.

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