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Tag: Family and Kids

75 Free LEGO Resources, Build Manuals and Tools

Various resources such as free books, magazines, build manuals, archives, softwares and other resources can be found from the compilation below. If you’re searching for Free LEGO Resources, Build Manuals and Tools to build your next LEGO world, these resources may just what you need. Do take note that some of the free tools maybe a little outdated, being updated more than a half decade ago, but they’re still something worth exploring. Happy building!

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2 Free Song Comprehension With Answers

Courtesy of Miss Kay, you may download 2 free song comprehension pack with answers, suitable for children or your students if you’re a teacher. Lyrics are included with a set of questions and answers. Both books have 6 songs each with different range of questions.

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I Don’t Want to Wash My Hands & I Want a Bedtime Story

Do you need some help to keep the kids washing their hands while they are at home? The Little Princess has been helping thousands of children to learn why it’s so important to keep doing so. Watch the story being read aloud by the author and illustrator Tony Ross. I Want a Bedtime Story is a tale about a Little Princess who can’t sleep – she needs a brilliant bedtime story, or else!

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My Body, Your Body – Skin

People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This series talks about all the ways in which our bodies are different and wonderful. Each book features an inclusive selection of people from all walks of life.

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Sticky Brains

Aria is having a tough week. All she remembers is the bad stuff that happens. Together, she and her mom learn that bad thoughts are so sticky, sometimes our brains only show us part of the picture. Spread this ebook and help kids feel empowered.

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Siti and Cahya

Siti is a 10-year-old girl who lives in a small village in Borneo, Malaysia. She spends her days dreaming of exploring the magnificent jungles that lie beyond her village. Siti’s father orders her to forget such fantasies and focus on what he considers important. But one day Siti wanders into the jungle and gets lost. She is unable to find her way home until she is rescued by Cahya, a small gibbon who has lost her family, too.

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The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling

I had the idea for The Ickabog a long time ago and read it to my two younger children chapter by chapter each night while I was working on it. However, when the time came to publish it, I decided to put out a book for adults instead, which is how The Ickabog ended up in the attic. I became busy with other things, and even though I loved the story, over the years I came to think of it as something that was just for my own children.

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The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown

Completely free for all children and families, the extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators. This book is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, carers, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals: you are the stuff that wild, heroic tales are made of.

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