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59 Free Works and Resources in the Public Domain and CC0

You’ll find a list of free works and resources in the public domain and CC0, ranging from ebooks, audiobooks, comics, essays, blogs with uncopyrighted content, art, images, cliparts, fonts and other related items. We hope you’ll find some use for these items in any projects you’re currently in or planning to do in the near future.

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(Video) How to Read Justice League Comics In Order – From Golden Age till Now

Enjoy these comic covers from Justice League, arranged in reading order, from start to finish. As Justice League Synder’s Cut is just around the corcer, we feel this is appropriate to brush up your memories or if you wish to start getting deeper into the Justice League universe. This 100 comics do not cover everything (obviously), but covers the basic reading order and the important parts and bits of the whole time line

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3 Attack on Titan Video-Infographic and Manga Covers

The first video will cover the main characters as well as all of the titans, including how the powers were inherited and transferred to one another. Additional information such as physical attributes and current status (based on the manga) is also provided. The second video will cover all the character deaths, both humans and titans. The third and last will cover 100 of the popular manga covers and other fan-made cover designs.

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Tickling the Sigma: 10 Cartoons Poking Fun at Some of Our Inappropriate Responses to Mental Illness

Mental Illness is a serious subject, and so is the stigma related to it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t laugh or smile when we see the stigma in action. Society has come a long way to educate people about mental health. The behavior that perpetrates the mental illness stigma is being seen as more and more inappropriate.

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28 Free Fantasy Illustrations by Madison Bruffy

Aierowen Dickess has worked her way up through the ranks of the Astro Security. She is the first female to ever hold the post of Head of the Astro Security. Now she fights evil in all it’s forms in defense of her home world of Dragoon while raising a family at the same time. As “Arrow’s” family grows, so does the Alliance and the threats to it. Simple street crime is only the beginning…

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Dillion 1 – Waking in Circles

Given birth through science and memories not her own, Stephanie Dillion has to deal with the past as well as a new partner. On their first case together, the two are sent after a crime lord suspected of helping himself to a planet’s treasury, but as the case develops, both girls begin to wonder just who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. Can they solve a case that crosses Time as well as Space- or will their first case be their last?

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