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Tag: Classic Literature

A List of 71 (Free & Paid) Non-Fiction Classic eBooks that Everyone Should Read

This is our list of the 71 (Free & Paid) Non-Fiction Books that Everyone Should Read, in no particular order. Free ones are available as a red underlined link, likewise, the paid ones will be just listed as they are. While these aren’t the most original or arcane selections, they’re ones you’ll almost certainly be glad you checked out.

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What to Read – Mental Health in Literary Fiction Classics: A Psychiatry Resident’s Perspective

In no specific order, please find 19 literary fiction classics on mental health from a psychiatry resident’s perspective below. Do take note that this is not our typical “free ebook” compilation post, but more of a “What to Read” kind of post. However, a link will be provided should the book is freely and legally available.

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