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Surviving the Economic Crisis

Surviving the Economic Crisis

Surviving the Economic Crisis
by Mark William Medley

Surviving the Economic Crisis, is the first of a series of ebooks dealing with the current change from the old 2008 pre-crash economy to the New Economy. Chapters in the first book deal with Leadership, Business and Employment through this transition, and lead towards the New Economy of the Future.

Click on the link below to download this free ebook:-
Surviving the Economic Crisis (PDF) or PRC


  1. Nujhath

    I would like to take this book and time to understand about the topic.And I really thanking you to giving this book

  2. Lemuel Gulliver XVI

    Thank you for your kind comment. As you know 7 books are now published at I have been working on Book 8 for a year and it will be about another year to finish it. As you will see, if you read all the books, the series goes well beyond overpopulation and into areas such as values, motivation and eventually the other areas mentioned in the Editor’s Synopsis at the website. I am putting these out free because I don’t want cost to stop people from reading them. We must do what we can to save the world! I have published over 40 books with major publishers, under another name, so I don’t need the money. Hope you have time to read them all–and please tell your friends.

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