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Survice the Toxic Plagues

Survice the Toxic Plagues

Survice the Toxic Plagues
by John Q. Public

This new, 76-page FREE book is about health–your health.  The focus is on your immune system.  Here you will learn about several nutrients your immune system must have to keep your body healthy.  These nutrients are lacking in most people’s diets–and probably yours.

Toxins in our air, food, and water supplies are causing toxic build-up in our bodies.  These toxins destroy the immune nutrients.  The resulting immune nutrient deficiency diseases are reaching epidemic proportions.  Here they are called the toxic plagues, because they are spreading like wildfire throughout the human population.   Most can be prevented, with a just few simple changes in diet and lifestyle.  Here you find the most concentrated natural sources of these immune nutrients.

You will also need to detox.  Here you will find simple and easy ways to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins.   You will also learn how to detox your diet and lifestyle.   By making healthier choices, you can prevent toxins from building up and causing health problems.  Finally, you will learn ways to slow down, de-stress and relax.

If you find this free ebook helpful, please spread this PDF far and wide by any means possible.

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Survice the Toxic Plagues – 76 pages, 1.6MB (PDF)