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Superb free guides on craftmanship

Superb free guides on craftmanship

Jan from has a great library on craftsmanship, covering both metal and wood. These guides or e-guides are probably a little bit too technical, but hey, if it’s informative, that means it’s good. The e-guides provide great guides on a “do-it-yourself” basis, with excellent pictorial / diagrams which you can refer to. Excellent source of information to those who are interested in getting their own stuffs done. Among the categories of guides which you may find in Jan’s site are:-

  • WORKSHOP Project Plans (woodworking and metalworking)
  • WROUGHT IRON Project Plans (metalworking)
  • FURNITURE AND DECORATION Project Plans (woodworking)
  • GARDEN Project Plans (woodworking)
  • KIDS TOYS Project Plans (woodworking)
  • STUFF FOR ANIMALS Project Plans (woodworking)
  • FUN Project Plans (woodworking)

Click on the link below to know more and get those tools working:-
Superb free guides on craftmanship (All guides are in PDF)


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    this would be great!! 🙂 thx

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    good one

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    Thanks! Hope there’s more books like this in future.

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    super! thanks a lot!

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    this is totally awesome!!! thanks

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    Absolutely amazing, will be putting this into a file for my very active dad who will turn seventy this year ….. thank you

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