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State of the Blogging Industry

State of the Blogging Industry

In early 2016, two members of the ConvertKit team were at a conference, listening to a talk about the state of the speaker’s industry.

The speaker had no advanced degree in the topic at hand, no specific credentials that gave him absolute authority to speak for the industry and no advanced training in data analysis. And yet, there he was, speaking confidently and with authority on the state of an entire industry.

In that moment, our team had an idea: ConvertKit should create an annual report on the state of the blogging industry. We have the right customers (professional bloggers), we have the ability to tell stories, and we know the industry well enough to do it well.

This report has come to life thanks to the 850+ bloggers who took more than 20 minutes of their time to tell us about the ins and outs of their blogs and businesses. We asked them to share everything from their detailed income numbers to their biggest struggles to the motivations that keep them going everyday.

In the process, we learned so much about the industry we serve and we’re excited to share those results with you in the form of this report, The State of the Blogging Industry 2017.

In other words, we’re excited to tell the story of the blogging industry and we hope you’ll take your time digesting the information – referring back to the data as you need it and reading it in multiple sittings rather than trying to cram it in all at once.

State of the Blogging Industry

by Barrett Brooks and The ConvertKit Team (Online reading, PDF) – 8 chapters

State of the Blogging Industry by Barrett Brooks and The ConvertKit Team