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Startup Growth

Startup Growth

This handbook is a comprehensive growth marketing reference. It leaves you with an agency-level proficiency in user acquisition and conversion optimization. It’s probable you’ve never read growth advice as comprehensive nor as insightful as this. If you read everything and conclude I’m wrong, please call me a fool on Twitter!

What substantiates such a claim is that this is a distillation of my insights running a growth agency for many Y Combinator alumni. And it’s modern as of mid-2017. (Prior to my agency, I was VP of Marketing for Webflow. Prior to that, I developed and grew a popular open source library. )

Whereas most growth advice consists of simple walkthroughs and basic SEO tips, this handbook is different. You will learn all the things you suspected you never really understood about acquiring users and running high-volume ads.

You will learn:

  • Facebook Ads: Run agency-level Facebook Ads to generate signups and purchases.
  • Landing pages: Design high-conversion landing pages.
  • A/B testing: Then A/B test those pages to improve their conversion.
  • Ad channels: Determine which ad channels (e.g. AdWords, Twitter) are best for you.
  • Ad copywriting: Write compelling ads that generate clicks.
  • User onboarding: Streamline user onboarding to increase engagement.
  • B2B sales: Learn modern B2B sales techniques.
  • Content marketing: Write blog posts that convert. And incentivize referrals.

Startup Growth

by Julian Shapiro (Online reading only) – 9 chapters (chapter navigation at the very bottom of the page)

Startup Growth by Julian Shapiro