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Star Wars: Redemption

Star Wars: Redemption

Star Wars: Redemption
by Corey Candelaria

It is the height of the Galactic Civil War. Two Wookiees from different backgrounds are put through similar trials during the Empirical oppression of their world of Kashyyyk.One finds solace in the Dark Side, one finds hope in the Light Side. Makaashyya comes into conflict with her very being after losing everything. The Dark Side consumes her and she is corrupted into helping the very tyrants and murderers that destroyed her life.The other, Echobe, never had much to begin with, and what he did have was taken from him by the Empire, but the hate doesn’t rule him. He fights back during his search for his missing senator parents while trying to help his people he once neglected.Eventually, these two Wookiees meet, and with Echobe, his pet rancor, Bilebelch, and with comrades in arms he meets along the way, Makaashyya is able to fight her demons and find redemption, ultimately giving Echobe his.

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  1. sadeous

    “I have to say WOW it is amazing. You have incredible writing skills and the story is so well put together when I find some time I’m going to keep reading but keep creating things like this man and thanks for sharing!!!”

    I have gotten some pretty good feedback so far. Can’t wait to hear yours, good or bad. My apologies if there are formatting errors with the book, it has plagued me.

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