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Stalkers are a frightening reality that many celebrities face being in the public eye. Most are harmless, but there are a select few who become obsessed and threaten violence as they follow and harass their target. Some have even confronted the celebrity in their own homes.

So, what would happen if a deranged psychopath actually abducted their victim and kept them captive, free to do as they desire whilst the world is left wandering what happened when one of the most famous people in Hollywood suddenly disappears.

This is the horrifying predicament Chloe Stone finds her in.

Chloe shot to superstardom at the tender age of fourteen with a string of hit songs and her bombshell good looks. Having been raised by an abusive single mother battling alcohol and drug addiction, she had suffered a terrible childhood so the sudden fame and fortune thrust upon her as a vulnerable young teenager along with the seemingly glamorous Hollywood lifestyle quickly corrupted the young popstar.

By the time she was in her twenties, Chloe was more infamous for her drug fuelled wild partying, public arrests, sleeping around and jail time then she was for her now fading music career. A tabloid favorite, Chloe provided the ever present paparazzi with constant scandals and cover stories as she became the train wreck the world could not stop watching.


by Reanna Minchinton (All formats) – 166 pages

Stalked by Reanna Minchinton