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Speed Matters. Designing for Mobile Performance

Speed Matters. Designing for Mobile Performance
Whether you’re a web developer, web designer or web marketer, you probably care about the end user of your product more than anything else. If you don’t, well maybe we need another eBook for that!

When we look at internet users today, there is one thing that is new and striking: their level of expectations. Since mobile has become the dominant way to view the web, users access content and services on the go, and expect to be able to do that with their smartphone, anywhere, anytime. They want this to happen fast: load time is now rated highest and most requested criteria in what users expect from a site. In addition to this, speed can have a massive impact on businesses, knowing that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.

In this context it becomes very clear that pretty isn’t enough. If you’re building websites, and particularly mobile websites, you need to make sure they are fast as well. But, speed itself isn’t the only thing that matters, how we as human beings perceive speed and reaction times of a website is of utmost importance. This is at the core of what this eBook will cover, exploring how speed perception impacts user behaviour on your website, as well as sharing tips, tricks and techniques to better aid you in crafting highly performant websites that appeal to your audience.

Speed Matters. Designing for Mobile Performance

by Google & Awwwards (PDF) – 56 pages

Speed Matters. Designing for Mobile Performance by Google & Awwwards

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