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Spaceforce: Outcaste

Spaceforce: Outcaste

Spaceforce: Outcaste by Penelope Irving

Spaceforce: Outcaste

by Penelope Irving

Three empires in an uneasy peace, a galaxy on the edge of war, and one man who is not what he seems.

Jay a member of the elite Swordbearer Caste, as deadly with a firestaff as in the pilot’s seat. In a world where duty is paramount and traditions go back generations, Jay has trained his entire life to serve the Taysan Empire.

Except that is all a lie.

The son of a blacksmith, Jay slipped into the ranks of the Swordbearer Caste with a combination of lies, looks, and audacity. But when an assignment to the remote moon outpost of Car’a’vil brings temptation in the form of a warlord’s wife, even his charm might not be enough to save him. She knows the truth – and unless he can unravel the mystery of her predecessor’s death, she will destroy him.

OUTCASTE is the first book in the Spaceforce series: adventure, fun, mystery and romance across three galactic empires.

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Spaceforce: Outcaste – 74 pages, 954 KB (PDF)

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