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Sleuths of Sorcery

Sleuths of Sorcery

Sleuths of Sorcery by Anne Hutchins and Bart A. Marchand

Sleuths of Sorcery

by Anne Hutchins and Bart A. Marchand

‘Another sleet-soaked muck through the countryside,’ Guardsmen Ifan Beland muttered to his flanksman, Guardsman Uist Carlh. ‘Gods, it’s falling down thick as pudding, yet! So much for being part of Lord Vaukmond’s Elite Guard.’

‘Keep your voice down,’ Uist muttered back, holding his helmed head averted so that the Captain, riding just ahead of them, wouldn’t think the words had come from him. ‘Besides, it’s our horses doing all the ‘mucking.” Uist wanted to tell Ifan that he was as tired of hearing the guardsman’s bitter complaining as he was of ‘mucking through the countryside.’ But he had to admit, he didn’t much enjoy this mission either.

He and Ifan had just been promoted to the Duke’s Elite Guard only a week before and had barely time to savor their advance in rank before their attachment was ordered into the first of many long patrols. The Captain hadn’t elaborated much, only that Windemere had received reports of a beast which had managed, by itself, to raze a whole village. No further details were given, save to look for anything ‘unusual.’

After three mornings and afternoons of patrolling, or ‘mucking’ as Ifan termed it, they hadn’t found a single ‘unusual’ thing.

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