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Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story

Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story

In sixty-four days, Senior Chief Brendan O’Reilly will retire after 30-years in the Navy, but today he’s working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Today, he has to stop daydreaming about visiting National Parks with his lovely wife, Diane, in their new motorhome. Today, Brendan O’Reilly has to keep himself and his shipmates alive.

“In this short story you are on the flight deck facing a potential disaster alongside Brendan O’Reilly, a character you respect and care about. If you’ve been in the Navy you know O’Reilly well, and if you haven’t been in the Navy you should read this tale so you can meet him. Malcolm Torres is a new brand of sea-story writer and I can’t wait to read his other stories and novels.” – Lit-SciFiGuy

“I would expect to read a story of this quality in Esquire or Playboy.” – David Concly

“The author picks you up and dumps you onboard O’Reilly’s ship without formality and you are immediately thrown into an explosive situation.” – Dan Fletcher



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Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story

by Malcolm Torres – All formats (7,410 words)

Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story by Malcolm Torres

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