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Should You Buy a Refurbished eReader?

Should You Buy a Refurbished eReader?

In light of the depressed economy, more and more people are trying to find less expensive ways to purchase the items they either need or want. To take just one example, eReaders are becoming a very popular alternative to books but more and more consumers are turning to the used and refurbished market for these items.

Refurbished eReaders, like other refurbished products, have been through a series of testing and repairs. Once the eReader has passed these tests, it is placed for sale under a “refurbished” label. These eReaders may sell for much less than their new counterparts but the savings may not add up to much if the product fails to work properly over time.

What are Refurbished eReaders?


Refurbished eReaders are models that have been returned by buyers so any one of various reasons, including defects. This provides the manufacturer with a reason to refurbish them to remove any malfunctioning parts or repair cosmetic damage making them like new.

In most cases, a firmware update can repair most problems. However, some models are returned for such other reasons as the buyer wishing to trade in their model for a new version of the same product. Given the speed with which new models are introduced these days, most returned models are almost new when brought in for exchange.

Advantages of buying a refurbished eReader

Cost effective…

The primary advantage of purchasing a refurbished eReader is price savings. These eReaders tend to come with significant cost savings as compared with new models. This is not a bad deal, especially considering that most refurbished eReaders work the same as brand new models.

Another advantage is that most refurbished eReaders do come with some type of warranty. Just make sure you buy direct from the manufacturer so you get officially refurbished models. Buyers are also able to obtain technical support from the manufacturer, something not available should you buy second-hand.

While the primary reason people buy refurbished items is their lower price, another benefit is brand recognition. A consumer considering a refurbished Kindle or Nook has the brand reputation behind the purchase. For many, the brand speaks for itself and is worth the risk. As an analogy, a 2000 Honda may need some body repair, but the mechanicals are fine.

Disadvantages of Refurbished eReaders

Always make sure and ask exactly what will be covered under the warranty…

The eReaders outward appearance can be a turn-off and keep consumers away from refurbished models. While the repairs include trying to make the product look as presentable as possible, there may still be some noticeable dents or scratches.

In many cases, the warranty on refurbished eReaders is also much less than when purchasing a new model. Also, depending on the warranty, only repairs to new parts may be covered. This means that if you purchase a refurbished eReader and only the ROM was replaced, then this is the only part that may be covered under the warranty. If any other part of the eReader malfunctions, it will be up to you to cover the cost of repair. If you are thinking to buy a refurbished product always make sure and ask exactly what will be covered under the warranty.

The choice of whether to purchase a refurbished product or a brand new model is ultimately up to individual consumers and their comfort level. The best choice for each person is dependent on their needs and budget. As such, there is no right or wrong answer. Many Web sites such as Ebay, Amazon and offer refurbished eReaders. Take some time to shop and compare models and prices, paying particular attention to special deals. It’s also a good idea to read consumer reports for those models that are of particular interest to see what others have said about the product.

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