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Shadows of the Limelight

Shadows of the Limelight

This is a world where fame grants powers. Dominic de Luca was a thief and a liar before entering into the apprenticeship of Welexi Whitespear, the greatest hero of modern times. Now he must navigate the world of the Illustrati, the famous and the infamous, as he tries to secure for himself a place among the gods.


Corta was going to kill him.

She had a reputation to maintain, he knew that, but he’d gone and been stupid anyway. Dominic had seen a small handful of people visiting her restaurant with missing fingers, and it was no secret that Corta had been the one to take them. That was what she did, if you didn’t hold up your end of whatever bargain you’d struck with her. She wasn’t a cruel woman, but she wasn’t known for her mercy. She was a squat woman with thick thighs, broad shoulders, and large breasts, with a voice that was often louder than it needed to be. She had four sons, each larger and more muscled than the last, all essentially interchangeable so far as anyone who worked with Corta was concerned. Each of them was fearsome, but none of them commanded respect in the same way that Corta herself did.


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Shadows of the Limelight

by Alexander Wales
Online reading only (HTML) – 23 Chapters

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  1. Kristin Looney

    The biggest let down is when a book sounds interesting , but its book 2 or 3! I get giving one away, because if your an avid reader, you will buy the series! But I have tinstart with book one! Period!!

  2. orji isaiah

    Juѕt stumbled on this site…hope ild find lots of books for read n make friends…so happy

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