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Self Realization

Self Realization

This life is all fractured. One does not even know why he is living his life. There is no meaning in a life without a goal. One earns money, enjoys his meals and worries the whole daylong. How can that be the goal of a life? How can this human life not be wasted? After being born as a human being what should one do to attain the goal? If you want happiness of worldly comforts (bhautik sukh) then share with others what you have.

Learn the law of this world in just one sentence. The essence of all the religions of the world is that if you want happiness, give happiness to others and if you want to suffer, give pain to others. Do what is suitable to you. Some will inquire how to help others when they are poor. There are ways to help others even if you are poor. This is by having an obliging nature. You may run chores and errands for him, advise him, etc. There are so many ways to help others.

Self Realization

by Dada Bhagwan (PDF, EPUB, MOBI, Audiobook) – 78 pages

Self Realization by Dada Bhagwan

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