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Secrets to Successful Job Hunting in A Sluggish Economy

Secrets to Successful Job Hunting in A Sluggish Economy

Kathryn LaRocca, Career Counselor, Resume Writer, and Published Author
With more than 25 years experience in Resume Writing and Job Coaching, Kay LaRocca is a consummate professional at the top of her craft.  Ms. LaRocca has the ability to relate to jobseekers at all levels, in all professions.  Her unerring intuition in reading between the lines allows her to quickly discover her clients’ needs even when they are not able to fully articulate them.

Realizing her enormous success with jobseekers from all professions, and the troubled economy of late, she saw a need to help jobseekers begin and conduct a successful job search campaign in uncertain times.  ”Secrets to Successful Job Hunting in a Sluggish Economy” has proven job search techniques that have assisted thousands in achieving success in a slow moving job market.

An impressive section for using the Internet in a job hunt is also included.  As a successful career counselor and resume writer, Kay LaRocca has been asked by her clients on numerous occasions to help them locate employment resources online, as well as sites to help with interviewing skills, preparing any job search related correspondence, researching salary information, and much more.  For these reasons and more, the Internet is a valuable tool in any job search campaign and one that every jobseeker needs to take full advantage of.  A wealth of information has been provided on successfully using this tool in any job search campaign.

The E-Book also contains the following:

  1. 10 Specific Techniques to Finding a Job, Including “Unadvertised” Jobs
  2. Proven Methods for Organizing a Job Search for Speedy Reentry
  3. Charts and Forms for Recording Valuable Information and Organizing your Job Search
  4. The Formula for Creating a Successful Resume Plus Many Sample Resumes
  5. Cover Letters you can Customize and Use Instantly
  6. How to Conduct a Winning Interview
  7. What Types of Questions to Ask in a Job Interview
  8. The Dynamics of Salary Negotiating
  9. The Five Types of Interviews, 25 Most Common Questions, and Mistakes to Avoid

This loaded E-Book with 105-pages of invaluable information is available by contacting the author at expertresumewriter (at)

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Secrets to Successful Job Hunting (PDF)