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Sapphire City

Sapphire City

Sapphire City
by Francois Viljoen

Sapphire City spent the last 37 days warping towards CI235 at a constant speed. So far we have encountered no issues on the journey. All generators and actuators are functioning well after scheduled maintenance was performed during the last maintenance shift. We should be entering sector 23 in about 14 hours. Approval for all space sector crossings until the end of the journey is in place. Captain Smith completes the entry into his daily voice diary by listing all necessary facts about progress on the journey, as well as reporting vital statistics about the ship. Progress on identifying the anomaly has been uncomfortably slow. The team was able to determine that we are dealing with some liquid form of nuclear matter. More accurate composition scans of the planet indicated that the level of nuclear activity at the anticipated mining site is well within acceptable limits. As a precaution, Sapphire City will conduct a nuclear decontamination on the mining zone before we will allow humans to enter without protective gear. This is Captain J.W. Smith signing off from SC-001 Sapphire City.

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