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Saltwater in the Bluegrass

Saltwater in the Bluegrass

Saltwater in the Bluegrass

by Cliff Kice

Enjoy this fast-paced adventure as Stringer’s newest case takes him far away from Florida and the comforts of home and into the heart of Kentucky during the yearly ‘Run for the Roses’ and the Derby Festival. Stringer’s cousin, Kristina, has recently married into one of the most prominent families in Louisville – the Ingram family. They own the local newspaper along with half the Ohio Valley. Disaster strikes when Kristina’s new husband, Lamar Ingram, dies in an apparent mining disaster. Within days of his death, an attempt is made on Kristina’s life. Now, she is on the run. With only one thing on her mind, collecting her rightful inheritance, she heads back home to Florida. Upon her arrival, things take a turn for the worst. All signs lead back to Katherine Ingram, the oldest sibling and new CEO of Ingram Enterprises. Stringer soon discovers that Katherine holds the keys to a lifetime of secrets and lies.

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